Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sam and a friend

Been a bit since I have been in here.... sorry bout that. It has been hot, muggy and yucky so have not really felt like doing to much even in here. I have been working on blog backgrounds for ya all so will try and get those finished and up. The grandkids have been over quite a bit. Zack mostly, he has been helping cut and stack wood for winter (we keep our fireplace going most of the time to save on heating costs)  Miss KBB and Sam the Man spent a weekend also.... oh they are a trip separately but together.... OMG!!!!!!!! I built them a tent over the clothesline and they thought I was the most talented  person ever LOL.... (I am I am LOL)
Had a bad storm go thru last night, even tornado sightings, we just had lots of lighting, wind and thunder. All is well this morning, some tree damage, but not close to here. I am so ready for Fall, even Winter...NO STORMS...and that's a good thing. I will take 12 inches of snow any day compared to a strong wind storm (we live surrounded by trees .. BIG trees)
The page up there is Sam the Man and a "Friend" originally he was sitting on my back porch LOL The kit is a new one from RDH called "To be happy"
Well, my coffee cup is cold, so need a warm refill and have to get in the shower so I can get ready to face the day....Have a great ones my friends... filled with memories .. and as always "Fill it to the Brim"
Love and hugs .... Always

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smiekeltje said...

With some little things we can make kids happy and yes, sometimes they do think you are the most magical and clever person(feels good doesn;t it LOL).
Hope you are doing well and soon back too!
Take care and take it as easy as you can!
Don;t like storms either, lucky we normally don't have too many and not many like yours!At the moment we still have lovely weather, although it should change over the weekend. Well, we just have to grab the good days and we will overcome the lesser ones LOL.