Saturday, July 20, 2013

High of 73* with lower dewpoint and humidity!!!!!

Oh do I sound like a happy camper??!! Oh yes!!! This old body does not do high dew points and humidity any more (never really did) Have been waking to the air conditioner running for so long and this morning... a beautiful quiet !!!! I will try and send this awesome weather to all of you.
The picture is of course Sam the Man, he is one who plays till he drops. His Dad was the same way when he was little.
Yesterday was Miss KBB's birthday and today we will have a small party at her house, and yes I got the beach towel, hope it's the right flowers!! This morning she is at a bridal shop with Mommy and Aunt Kari. They are looking at miniature bride dresses. Keira will be in her Aunts wedding next April.
Talk about excited!!!!
Well the pups are wanting to go out and my coffee cup is empty so I best get going. Going to try and make some memories later.
As always dear friends " Fill it to the Brim"  every drop is special, every drop is a moment added to your heart!!
Love you all....always

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