Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Seems like not that long ago!!

Miss KBB will be 7 on Friday...where the time went I have no idea!! She called me last night to ask if I had thought about what I was getting her for her Birthday.
KBB--- " Hi Grandma, have you thought about my Birthday present yet?"
Me--- " well no not yet"
KBB--- " I think when you do think, you should think about a Beach towel, one with flowers on it"
Me--- "so that's what you want ?"
KBB--- " I'm just saying you should think about it, but anything is okay. But ya know I like flowers"
Thinking she wants a flowered beach towel huh??
She is our KBB, she is something else!!

1 comment:

smiekeltje said...

Miss KBB is very clear about her present LOL!
But she had a nice way to ask for it, really!
And... do you get her a towel with flowers?????
Have a wonderful weekend,