Saturday, June 15, 2013

Flowers around the yard

Glad I took these photos yesterday because it rained this morning and the Poppies, well not looking as good. They are so pretty but so delicate and they don't last long.
I mentioned rain right, heavy downpour then the sun then more downpour..... weird huh? The heat is coming back Sunday, will be in the high 80's and muggy...... oh not my kind of weather at all.
Sam the Man went home last night, he had a fishing date with his Dad. We made Chicken Pot Pie and Cracker Candy (which is so easy and so good) he helped with both. Next week we will have Miss KBB and maybe Zack, not sure. She has a ball game Tuesday and I think we will pick her up then.
Well Ladies, sounds like the rumble of thunder is coming back so think I will close down for a bit. As always dear friends  " Fill it to the Brim " and then take a little bit more, there's always some room.
Love and hugs to you all....Always

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