Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mama and her baby

We went to pick up some tomato plants (yes hubby is growing those flippin red things again) and on the way we came across a small (really small) fawn walking down the middle of the road right towards us. Dennis tried honking the horn, moving the truck forward and this little bub just kept coming. Then we saw Mama come out of the woods unto the road, she made a couple of snorts and the little one turned and trotted after her. I had taken my camera this time (sometimes I forget) and I am so glad I did!! You don't get to see this all that often.
Sorry I haven't been on much lately, no excuse other than I have just been really tired lately and just have been busy again doing not much of anything. You all know what I mean right??
For the next couple days we have Sam the Man, he keeps us going! The it will be Miss KBB and Zack.... would love to do them all at once but....this is a tired Grandma after just one comes for a visit LOL!
Well Ladies, I am thinking it is bedtime, Sam has been sleeping for a few hours and he will be up early, so take care, as always " Fill it to the Brim" make every drop count and every drop last
Hugs and love to you all.... Always

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