Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy "it's not snowing yet but it will be on Sunday" saturday to you all

LOL you like the title hehehehehehe OMG can you tell I want NO MORE SNOW or COLD or FREEZING RAIN!!!!! Our weather man named this last snowstorm Elijah, people we are on the "E's" all ready!! I am not sure what the next one will be named, but he also said we are having a wild wacky winter...ya think! Between snow and the flu bug, we haven't been really out and about this year. The grand kids have had the flu or the weather has been to bad to go visit. I do have some pics of Keira and Zack from last weekend tho and I will get them up.
How about this snowman, hehehe hey never said I was an artist! I actually made him on the hood of my van. I didn't have my boots on and sorry Gerri but even for you I did not want to go walking in that 12 inches of snow.
By the way ladies, I am going to start working on new backgrounds for you all, so who wants flowers and springtime colors?? I might do some just for February, you know hearts and flowers, let me know
Speaking of cookies hehehe I found a recipe for "Crock pot Candy" I will try it and then post it IF it works out, but can you imagine having a whole crock pot full of chocolate candy wow!!!
Well, I best be off, have a to do list to take care of and I want to start those backgrounds yet today. You all take care.
As always " Fill it to the Brim" make every drop count, and I mean every drop, not just the ones that you think are important, because you never know, that one you thought was just average well it might turn out to be the best there ever was.
Love and Hugs ....Always

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