Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Grandma here

This has been such a cold, snowy flu bugs all over the place (Sam the Man has it right now) that we have not been able to spend much time with any of the Grandkids...but today that changes. Carin is going to go out of town to where her hubby is working and Keira and Zack are coming here to spend some time. They will be here till Monday (no school because of Winter Break!! Like with all the snow days they need something like that Go figure) But we are happy!!! Means my camera can be dusted off, my computer will be invaded by whatever Zacko is into these days and I will be sampling imaginary culinary delights that Miss KBB mixes up...I have had "Strawberry Chocolate Lemon Tea" Not bad, it's an acquired taste LOL Right now I have to go put a ham in the oven, no special holiday but hey any day can be a ham day!!!
Ok so I am off to get ready for memory making, you all do the same. As always my dear friends "Fill it to the Brim" and please make every drop the best it can be!!
Love and hugs to you all......Always

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