Tuesday, January 29, 2013

To yucky to do much else so

thought I might as well play a bit. These are older pics of Miss KBB but figured I would use them again.
The weather man this morning informed us that we are having a "Wild Wacky Winter" duh, ya think!! It has been below 0* then today a high of 48 with rain (last night was freezing rain because the temps were just at freezing) now tonight.....YUP Snowstorm "Denise" is on it's way. This one should bring about 8 + inches of snow our way, but not before some more wonderful freezing rain. I am not usually one to complain about winter..... but this year.....yup!!!
Between the cost of propane and keeping the fireplace going this has been one heck of a year!!! Bout done with it!!!
Ok speaking of fireplaces, time to go put some more wood on it. Hubby is outside or rather working on something in the garage.
See ya all later.

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