Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's still Saturday for a little while ..right??

Would have been in earlier but decided I had better play Martha Stewart for a bit today...had laundry and dusting and oh you know that stuff that seems to get in the way of fun things.
Today we had temps that were awesome (for this time of year in the normally frozen tundra) it reached 43* felt like time to open the windows and doors (only kidding) but it was nice. NOW it is 19* and dropping and the wind Holy Moly!!!!! Wind gusts over 45 miles an hour and it is getting cold!!! I don't know if you all know but I smoke (I know bad) but anyway, I have a window next to my computer desk that I put a window fan in to help move the smoke out of the room (hubby does not smoke so I try to be nice) anyway tonight the blades on the fan go the right way and then whoosh....they are turning the wrong way and bringing in oh such cold air and moving the smoke the wrong way. This is not the most comfortable chair in the house right now LOL It is flippin freezing in this room!!!! even with the heat turned up!!!
On another note...where did my music come from?? It comes and goes but hey it's here again and I really have no idea why. I know playlist doesn't give out widgets anymore( I never deleted mine) but why is it working? I should email them, be a nice honest person and tell them right??Maybe they will let me keep it because I was honest (What are the odds)
Hey ya all, I made banana bread the other day... not cookies...and it was really good. I have decided that I will just look for recipes for other things, no cookies!!! I know that will make hubby happy!
Well ladies, sorry this is a bit boring tonight, not much happening around here lately, but I am going to cut it short and go cuddle under a comforter on the couch for a bit. No memories made but lots of (warm aahhs)
As always my dear friends " Fill it to the Brim" keep it safe and warm.
Love and hugs to you all.....Always

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