Saturday, February 16, 2013

Looks can be so deceiving

OMG the sun is shining, sky is blue with no clouds .... it LOOKS beautiful outside!!! Ok people the key word in that sentence is LOOKS!!!! It is flippin 9* and windy. No snow (yet) and that's a good thing. We here in the north are a hardy bunch. The other day we had to go into Green Bay for shopping and I actually walked from the car to the store with my coat was a balmy 37* a regular heat wave! I saw one guy with a spring jacket on (I am not that hardy) I am also not a summer high humidity 90* person. But this year.....let's just say I am looking forward to it just a wee bit!!!
This morning we are going over to pick up Sam the Man! He is coming to spend the weekend. He is excited because he gets to bring along his good shoes and "fancy" pants so he can go to church with us on Sunday. Guess he had a bit of an attitude problem at school the other day and Daddy thinks maybe grandma can convince him that's not a good thing. Will give it a try.
Well ladies, I have to hop in the shower and get ready to start my day...hopefully memories will be made. Sam likes to draw pictures so maybe I will post a few.
As always dear friends " Fill it to the Brim" remember if at first it doesn't LOOK like much, it might be something savour it!!
Love and hugs to you all....Always

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