Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Food

Miss C decided that if I was "cookie challenged" then maybe I would be better with other types of baking and I am...really, not pies tho, still have a bit of a problem with cherry pies...did you all know that when you spend hours picking cherries and want to impress your at the time boyfriend (who ends being your husband all though after this pie thing not sure why) that you should PIT the cherries before you put them in the pie!!! Okay in my defense I had NEVER made a cherry pie from scratch ever!! I will not go into details but they involve sneaking a taste of the pie before he came over, biting into a pit and quickly going to the store to buy a frozen one. He never knew till years later what I had done.We do not have cherry pies at our house..Nope never!!!Anyway Carol sent me a recipe for Apple walnut loaf cake, kind of like monkey bread. Oh so good!!! Made it yesterday and it is almost gone. So thank you Miss C for sending the recipe and having confidence in me LOL Along with that I made some awesome Crock Pot Chili!!! oh the kitchen smelled like heaven all day!!
Hubby is duck hunting this afternoon, and Sam the Man has come for a visit because Scott is deer hunting. So me and Sam are going to make some memories, hope you find time to do the same.
As always my dear friends " Fill it to the Brim" even if your not sure how it will turn out just do it!!
Hg and love to you all....Always

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