Sunday, September 23, 2012


No flowers for this guy...nope! I can't believe he will be 14 this December, wow! I spent some time today going thru a box with some older photos in it and it seems like it really was not that long ago that Zack sat in the highchair with me feeding him while dancing (yup dancing) to Dwight Yoakam!! He would laugh and smile so big. My bub, my you to the moon so many times.
I used Kyra's Go Steam punk kit for this one.
My  brother David came up with his two dogs and for about 15 minutes our house sounded like a pet store, all barking at the same time LOL, but they quieted down and life was good. He came up to bring me some Bodean cd's he had burned for me and to pick up a supple of syrup, Dilly beans and pickles. Yup we be his own personal farmers market LOL
Love you David!
Off to put chicken in the oven for supper, catch you all later!! Hugs

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