Monday, September 17, 2012

2nd chance, 3rd many to count....

I know, I know....I am an optimistic (or is it foolish optimist) where doing the same thing over and over, you expect different results!!! Yup that be me. I found this recipe (oh someone please hide the cookbooks) for these delectable sounding cookies (You heard right I said the "C" word)
The recipe even gave you some hints on how to help your cookies turn out even better.....heck I would settle for edible!!! So gave it a shot....batter looks good- check....looks good on sheet-check...look great in the container-check......sort of soft and chewy at first-check!!!....wait 30 minutes later-check.....on the verge of becoming pucks-CHECK!!!!!!
OKAY,you all are laughing offers to secret tips on how to do this...I am beginning to think you are all just sitting back snickering while eating some soft, chewy concoction that you just took out of your oven!!!!! It's ok, I can deal with it...some are good at baking, me....I am good at other things.....I have a list somewhere, hang on it's here somewhere...needless to say being organised is not on that list!!
Just so you all know, Sam the Man came over Saturday and he had some of my cookies...his words..." Gramma, you sure do make good cookies, yum" Now that my friends is what makes my hockey pucks worth it all. (of course he's 5 and hasn't seen much of the world yet but hey, I'll take it!!!
Kit I used was from the Studio Blog Train, lots of talented designers. This one was done by "Scrap'it designs" it is called of course second chance.

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