Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick post and then have to make supper

You would never guess they are really sitting on some flower border blocks in Carin's front yard huh?? I made a  "plopper" LOL!!!! What a strange name...but it works. Sorry about no post this weekend, it was one of those times. My sister Patti would have turned 60 on Saturday and I am sure it would have been a good time. Also the 28th is when Dennis's Aunt Alice passed away a few years ago, so between the two of us..we were not up to doing much of much. Hope you understand.
The picture of Patti, I use alot, but never get tired of seeing her smile...and yes she could play in the rain....she never got wet...she stayed in between the drops.....
Ok off to make supper, BLT's tonight!!!!!
Hugs Ladies, love you

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