Sunday, May 6, 2012

I have an extra knee...

at least that's what it looks like on my right leg!! I would show you a picture but nope, not this time. Let me explain.... I took Kota out on the back porch deck on her leash and well, Dennis was around the back, when she saw him of course that's where she wanted to go. She jerked the leash, I told him "here she comes" and let go of the leash....a bit to late because the next thing I knew I was falling off the deck! But not before my right leg hit a boot scrapper thing we have there and the side of the deck as I fell. Let me tell you I am so grateful the ground was soft from the rain we had !!! LOL
Anyway after ice and elevation and a trip to the er incase I had broken something (hurt like ****) I now have an ice pack who is my best friend and will not be doing much around the house for it is not broken, very bad hematoma about the size of a small football LOL. So here I sit on the chair in the office with my right leg up on a box next to me..I have my ice pack in the freezer refreezing so in it's place hehehehe...a bag of peas LOL. Ok stop laughing!!
I have to make this short, so Ladies go make some memories... as always "Fill it to the Brim" even if its alittle hard sometimes.
Hugs and Love to you always

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