Tuesday, April 24, 2012

KBB and GG

Went down to my Sisters on Sunday with Carin and Miss KBB. We helped Sissy Susi finsih moving into her new apartment. While there we got to see my Mom and spend some time with Bonnie and well it was nice. (We are all a wee bit sore from all the boxes but still it was nice)
Got this picture of KBB and GG (nickname for my Mom that Zack started, stands for Great Grandma, or gg milk, which means chocolate...long story ..some other day) Anyway!!
Now I am off to get ready so Ican go watch Sam the Man for a few hours, have some pictures of him and will have them ready later.
Hugs to you all.
Used a kit by Russian Dutch Heart for this one, its called " souvenir d' autrefois " her link is on my other blog.

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