Saturday, April 21, 2012

And we are back to green again....

This is what it looked like less than 24 hours ago.....snow white heavy snow....and now?? all gone! Going to have a talk with Mother Nature, going to have to explain that I am older and it is not nice to play these kind of jokes on an elderly person...why...because we will think of a way to get even!!! I could not believe it when Hubby said take a look outside. There were flakes everywhere!!!! I did what everyone would do..took pictures then went to bed with covers over my head and screamed!!! In the morning I got this picture of some Tulips bravely popping thru the snow. They sure are a strong little plant because now with the snow gone, they look like nothing happened.  I am hoping   praying that this is the last of the snow we see till it is supposed to be here.
Have alot to do today, want to get everything done because Sunday Carin, Miss KBB and I are going on a road trip down to visit my Mom and Sisters. Susi is moving this weekend and we are going to see what we can help with. Susi isn't doing so great health wise and this move has been stressful on her, maybe seeing us (especially Miss KBB) will make it not so bad. So anyway today I really have to be Susi Homemaker and get caught up on things. Wish it was nice enough to open windows like at Miss Mat's house, but I will settle for NO snow LOL
So Ladies, I have domestic projects (LOL) waiting for me and I best get this butt in gear. Not sure memories will be made here, but I hope you all make some.
As always my Dear Friends " Fill it to the Brim" no matter what it fills with.....cherish it!!
Love and Hugs ..... Always

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