Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just checking in

We had company for a few days this past week. A good friend and two of his daughters came to try their luck at getting a turkey (they were not to successful) It was nice having them here and I love them dearly but now that they are gone, my house can get back to some sense of normal!

I worked on a new wordart and will post it later on the other blog. This is the page I made. My Zack, he is growing up way to fast. He will be 13 in December and this guy already has girls falling all over him. I think at last count Carin said there were 4 or 5 calling the house for him.

Farmer McBrown had a stress test on Monday, not the walking kind because of his leg but the one with the dye and the waiting in between scans. Made for a long morning. We will see what it shows. Still waiting to see when he can get in to that hip guy. I just wish they would come up with something!!

Well ladies I best get something done. It's not like I don't have alot to choose from, lets see...dishes, laundry, dusting, yard work...oh the list goes on!!

Take care my friends, love and hugs to you all!!!

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