Saturday, May 28, 2011

sorry i am a bit late, no excuses

I got up early, made coffee and just chilled for awhile listening to the rain!! Yup day started out with alittle wet stuff. It stopped soon after and now the sun is out and it is about 70 with a nice breeze! I am lovin it!!!! So am I outside enjoying it....NOPE along with the wonderful weather comes my favorite (NOT) the ever present Wood ticky ticky!!! So I am inside with the windows open and loving the air that is blowing thru the house. Dennis has decided sore leg or not he is going to try and cut the grass so he is outside for awhile.
Last Saturday afternoon we had a bit of excitement(not the good kind either) we take the pups out one at a time and they pretty much stay right by us. The two of them together well lets just say they don't know we exist!! Somehow they got out the patio door, must have pushed the screen part and the last thing we saw was the back end of both of them as they ran across the field and into the woods next to us. Now this woods is about 180 acres and ends somewhere down by the Oconto river. No roads just 4 wheel trails. Did that stop us...No! Dennis got out our 4 wheeler and took off, I got in the windstar van and took off. Let me tell you I was on trails with my van that I was not meant to be on. A few times I had to back all the way up cus it got to narrow. I was cranking that steering wheel like crazy, avoiding ruts and mud and trees. I think I put most stunt car drivers to shame!! (when I told Zack, he was like "You drove the van thru the woods? Wow Cool Grandma") It was about 1 1/2 hours later that I was coming back home to see if they had shown up when i spotted two yellow spot in the woods next to our driveway. They came right to me when I got out of the now scratched on the sides van! Dirty, wet, full of wood ticks (20 on Kota alone) but I gave them such a hug!! They got a bath and promptly went to sleep!! LOL We now have a gate by the patio door and the pups are going to be learning the meaning of you best get your *** back here now!!!!
I want to tell you all something tho. When I was coming home, I was yelling, I guess at God, telling him No, don't take our puppies, Then thinking we would never see them again, I gave them to Him, told God to keep them safe and bring them back if it was his will. It was no accident that I turned my head and looked towards that woods and saw them. I hope I am making sense. I sometimes am guilty of giving God my problems and then trying to fix them myself anyway...instead of really letting it go. Something as small as this, well it made me stop and think. There have been 3 times in my life when I really did let go and let God and those 3 times it worked out, not every time the way I thought it should but the way it was meant to.
Anyway pups are home and I have rambled way more than I should have and blogger will not be happy.
As always my friends "Fill it to the Brim" there is always reason to enjoy every drop!!!

Hugs and love always

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