Wednesday, March 9, 2011

winter storm "Ethan"

Wonder how far into the alphabet our weatherman with the sense of humor will be going this year!!?? Woke up this morning to more of this white stuff on the ground. Dogs love it, birds don't seem to mind loving it so much!!! Temps are getting up there tho and that is a good thing. Will be 40 on Friday so this stuff should be disappearing right... wrong ... another storm coming Saturday!!!!! LOL Oh well I put up with the winters here because I know that summer(even with the wood ticky tickies) is coming and then Fall!!! I love Fall in Wisconsin!!!
Did you notice the circled area on that photo? That is part of the stove that Dennis makes his syrup in. He put it out this past weekend hahahahaha what was the man thinking???!!!
Wanted to get this on now as the antenna that gives me internet is filling up with white heavy snow and not sure I want to get a ladder out and clean it off! LOL
Ok ladies, off to watch the snow fall, will catch you all later.

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