Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sorry, busy morning at the syrup factory

On Thursday Dear hubby tapped 40 trees, some have double taps in them. He hung the buckets and waited..... Today while snowflakes were falling he collected sap, he got over 50 gallons!!!! So now there is a fire going out there and sap is starting to cook. Me I did laundry and watched puppies LOL!!! I think Mo (the male) has a shoe or should I say boot fetish!! I think I have told him no at least 50 times but he waits 5 minutes and then goes back and gets my one boot again. He doesn't chew it, just carries it around LOL
Yup we got snow this morning, kind of a mix really. But the temps are alittle higher and it really isn't amounting to much. Going to be in the 50's by next Thursday. You know it is wierd, in the summer when it gets down to 50 we are cold...this time of year when it gets up to 50 we want to open windows !!! Go figure!!!
Oh, have to tell you all something (not sure how i feel about this) I was in line at Walmart the other day and this lady behind me(she was maybe 25) said
Nice Stranger Lady: " Excuse me, but I love the way you have your hair frosted, may I ask where you have it done?"
Me (looking around wondering who she was talking to and then realizing it was me): " Umm, I don't have it frosted"
Strange lady: " oh you mean that's natural, has it always been like that, it is so pretty I would love that"
Me (figuring out she was referring to my grey hair) : " Are you married? I asked, "Do you have kids?" She informed me she had recently gotten married and no kids yet but planning on about 3!
With the nicest smile I could come up with I replied: " Be patient, you will have this same look some day!!"
Someday maybe I will color my grey, but for now, nope! I earned it, I am proud of it! LOL
Oh well Ladies I best go see what I can put together for supper. Hope you all made memories today. We made a few.
As always my friends " Fill it to the Brim " let every drop that overflows remind you just how good the day really was!!
Hugs to you all....Always

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