Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sap is boiling outside for now but.....

it won't be long and that first batch will be inside on the stove getting finished and poured into jars. Farmer McBrown is out there now straining the sap and checking the numbers on the gauge. Our son Scott will be coming over to help today. That first batch is always the best so I am looking forward to it. Right now our yard is starting to smell like a Sunday morning pancake breakfast.
Seems like this has been both a long and short week. Got somethings done but ran out of time on others. Have a (for now anyway) working Cs program so I am playing with that a bit. I did make a qp(on my other blog) using some stuff I had made. I think playing with that program and getting it on my computer caused me a few more gray hairs but hopefully worth it. LOL
WooHoo our snow is melting LOL not all but some anyways. We have brown yucky grass showing now in parts of the yard. I would get excited and all but ... there is snow predicted for this coming week. LOL
I also remembered this week why we only have corned beef and cabbage once a year at our house. I love it but does it love me??? aahh not so much!!! And I bought some Irish Soda bread at the store, it was Yup I tried baking some of my own. You got it, I found out that I have to add that to the list of things I can not make!!!! The one from the store was solid and moist and mine was crumbly and dry. Yup if it has to do with flour sugar and an oven well I just should not go there ever!!!!!!
Well ladies I best be getting my kitchen ready for the syrup making, memories will be made here, hope they are at your place too.
As always dear friends " Fill it to the Brim" you never know how sweet and precious those drops can be!
Hugs and love to you all ... always

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