Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow, cold, snow, head stuffy,snow,furnace running,snow

Must be Wisconsin in January!!! We got about 6 inches of that fluffy flippin' white stuff over night and it has started snowing again. I will say it is pretty sticking to the trees but sticking to the driveway and the roads well not so pretty!!
Plus a head cold has found it's way to me. Oh Joy! Went to bed last night before the news even came on, just knew I needed some sleep. Then woke up at 5am could not get back to sleep.
Dear Hubby and I were talking about doing Maple syrup again this year. He told me only about 6 more weeks and he can tap the first tree. Made me feel good for a minute thinking about no snow and maple sap cooking....then I remembered the year he dug thru the snow to put in taps! The man is dedicated if nothing else.
Might not have a computer for a few days next week. But hopefully for a good thing. A while back I purchased cs4 on ebay. Great price and was excited! Got it and found out the activation code was invalid!!! I have tried everything to make it work and no success. Get my money back you say...been there..done the t-shirt...but no money back! Anyway I was talking to my friendly guys at my ISP and they said they could maybe find a work around way to get it in. I hope so, because I really loved making elements and would love to make some kits someday.
Well ladies I best be on my way, time for a cold pill and some housework. Get a chance go make some memories today, they are usually free to do and the rewards are awesome!!
As always my friends "Fill it to the Brim" make every drop special and every drop a moment to cherish!
Hugs and love to you all!! Always

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