Friday, January 28, 2011

She's back

We saw her the first year we moved in. She was just a young fawn. Her leg had been taken off at the shoulder, either a hunting mistake or even another animal. Not sure. We really didn't think we would see very much of her. We were wrong!! She has grown into quite a lady!! LOL She had fawns a few times, once even twins LOL and what a fighter she is, I have a picture of her up on her hind legs kicking at another deer with her one good leg. When she walks across the field, she is very slow, you can almost feel each step and how hard it must be for her...but let me tell you when she runs....Wow! Like all the others, so fast!!
We thought we lost her this year. We hadn't seen her since October, then a couple weeks ago while I was watching the other deer in the small ravine behind our house I spotted her coming down the hill. Not ashamed to say I had tears in my eyes. She is our baby, our girl.
My hubby is a hunter, there are deer hunters all around up here..but..this brave lady has a free pass! No one even makes an attempt to shoot her. Like my hubby says, she is something to watch...and we do!!
No one told her she was handicapped, no one told her she couldn't make it...So she did!!!
She has an attitude that simply says " Just Watch Me"

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Sissy Susi said...

I was so happy when you told me she was still with us. I know you cried and I bet Dennis did too. Love you Sissy with all my heart.