Thursday, January 13, 2011

Haven't posted Pup pictures in awhile

These two have grown so much! I have no clue where they are getting the size from. In the bottom picture, the littlest one is their Mom! Widge only goes about 38# these two go 52# and 58#. They are slowly (and I do mean slowly) getting to a point where they are learning to listen to me just a bit more. For awhile I was pulling hair(mine) out!! If anyone tells you to raise litter mates...stuff something in their mouths!! This has been and will continue to be a challenge.
But I love em all and wouldn't want to have it any different(did I really just say that??)
Sitting here today waiting for the next snow storm to come, should be later tonight. Oh Joy!! Not a big one tho and that's a good thing.
Remember a while back I told you about the 3 legged deer we have around here? well we thought we had lost her, hadn't seen here since October and with the wolves, and coyotes we have we thought maybe she was gone..but the other night I looked out by our bird feeder and there she was. Made me smile, she is a fighter that's for sure.
Well ladies I have a crock pot calling my name, and a house to straighten up, we have company coming I best be off and busy.
Hugs to you all....Always

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