Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trying to get my act together.....

yeah right like that's going to happen!! Wanted to get in here early for some serious rambling but you know what they say about plans!! I did some wordart and checked emails and then stopped for a breakfast break and came back to a computer with no Internet. Nope Miss G not the trees fault, the tower was having a problem. Up and working now tho so here I am.
Spent some time putting away the last of Christmas, still have some lit garland around the front door but it is way to cold to stand out there and take it down. Nope might be using it for a porch light till August! LOL
Dear hubby is doing really good, he goes the 18Th of this month to have a check up and be fitted for new glasses. He now carries a card in his wallet saying he has an implant hehehehehehe!
Got a recipe book for Christmas(a cookie one, yes) and I am going to try one of the cookies this afternoon. If you see that big cloud of black smoke in the sky, you will know where it's coming from! Hey it's not my fault no-one got me a new oven and that someone thought I could read a recipe!!
Well ladies I best be off to the kitchen, gonna make memories along with those cookies. Hope you have all had a chance to make memories is so much fun!
As always Dear friends.."Fill it to the Brim" and never feel guilty about taking that extra sip!!

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