Monday, October 25, 2010

The speed limit!!! (55)

This is Sissy Susi, sometimes known as "Susi's Cell" LOL (Private joke)
She is my baby sister, my TV guide(she calls to make sure I know what is on), she is the blond in a family of brunettes, she is the one who is not afraid to dance in the rain. She is my Sister, she is my Friend!
Past the Moon, up to Patti(who adds more love) and back again....I love you Sissy so Big!!!!
( wish I could be down there to help you celebrate but hey Castle is on LOL!!! )

1 comment:

Sissy Susi said...

This really made me cry when I opened it this morning. I wish you were here, too, or that I was up north. I miss you, Sissy. Patti watches over both of us. I'll be home to watch Castle!!!!