Thursday, October 28, 2010

Being trusting is a good thing......

Sounded like a good deal... these had been bought from a business that was going out of business..they were brand new, 5 of them and there was only one left when I looked. BUY IT NOW the ad said, only $80.09!! Wow ,I checked the seller he had been a member of EBay for a year,they were from New York it said, talked to Dennis and he said Go for it! I did, I clicked on the tab and went thru Pay Pal to send them my money. And then I waited!! The next day I went on my EBay account and there was a message from EBay...This item has been removed from our site it said...there was a problem...if you have purchased but not paid do not continue transaction...but I had paid...checked my emails sure enough money had been sent to not someone in New York but....Someone in China!! There was a tracking # just like the seller had said there would be...USPS told me the number was bogus ( the seller had given pay pal the #) I contacted both eBay and pay pal after eBay told me to contact seller ( yea right) opened a dispute for the transaction and was told it would take 10 days to come to a decision...excuse me you already know they were frauds and you still want to give them a chance to get away with this?
Went back on eBay and whoa could not believe it...same ad....same story about business going out of business but....different seller. Ok not a rocket scientist here but I tend to think it be the same person and EBay was letting them do it again???!!! Clicked on report this seller and within an hour the ad was pulled ( gee maybe I should get a job at EBay)
So now I sit, out $80, no software and thinking what a fool I was. But how would I have known? I guess the saying is true 'to good to be true" But I trust people, I believe what they say, will I continue to trust oh yes, will I do business on EBay, sure but will look at each ad with a magnifier glass!
Don't feel sorry for me, don't say oh you poor thing....just wanted you to be aware that things happen sometimes when our eyes are wide open and we think we see what is real!!!
Hugs to you all!!

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