Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sam says Goodmorning

I asked Sam to stand nice by the fireplace so I could get a good picture of him....he made more silly faces and more funny poses than you can imagine!! This was one of the better shots. He was having a silly day. (Love you bigtime Sam the Man)
I will be back later to ramble, it has been a morning filled with a coffee pot that decided working was not on it's list of things to do, puppies who wanted to go outside NOW, and a puppy with an anal gland problem (Peeyew) oh well somewhere in the fine print I must have signed on for all this LOL
Hugs ladies be back later. Start making memories!!!

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Sissy Susi said...

I love my little "Sam the Man". Don't worry Sam, Auntie Susi will be bringing you a "Monster Truck" for Christmas. I love you sooooo much. Way past the moon to Patti and back. I love you, Linda, just as much, if not more, yup more, probably double!!