Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It;s Tuesday (for those who didnt know)

The furry bubs are getting bigger!! Went to the vet Monday for the next round of shots and they did great, Mo weighs in at 25#4 oz and Kota is 21# 2 oz. (Ok going to brag a bit here) The vet, Dr. Bill, had nothing but good things to say about these two. Said they looked awesome, good coats, healthy, he could tell they were really well cared for, that we took alot of time with them,
(I have to wonder if it was the pups who he got that from or the bloodshot tired eyes on me and Dennis) He paid us a great compliment, he said if he didn't already have 8(yup eight) dogs he would have taken one of ours. I was tempted to tell him there are certain moments when he COULD have one!!
Big change today in the weather again, muggy, 75* my body can tell...there is not a joint in it that is not stiff, sore and in dire need of heavy meds!!! Oh yes the joys of getting older, yup you get wiser, true, but you are to flippin sore and stiff to let anyone know it!!
Well Ladies, my day started about an hour and a half ago but the coffee has finally kicked in and the extra strength Tylenol is finally working so I am off to start my day.
Hugs and love to you all!!

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