Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sorry about messin with your Sat Miss G

It was one of those days. Internet was hit and miss for most of it. We had rain the other day like crazy, non stop!! We got around 4 inches. Then we got hit with winds and I mean winds! 50 mile gust at times if not more! Have a feeling my little ISP tower might have got blown around a bit. Seems better today (this being said with everything crossed than can be crossed)
Finally finished the zucchini bread and cakes, they are in the freezer along with zucchini casseroles.
Garden didn't do so well this year, I think it was a combination of weather (hot, humid,rainy) and the fact that Farmer McBrown was busy with puppies and a wrist and hand that was giving him problems. Hand is better, weather has turned very fall like and puppies are slowly getting better. I am getting my dining room back, we took the x-pen down and will shampoo carpet and waa laa dining room table back in its place!
They had Grandparents day at Zack and Miss KBB's school on Friday. This was her first and Zack's last. He goes to the middle school next year. We could have had lunch with either of them but picked Zack(his last year and all) we spent time in Miss KBB's room learning songs and getting hugs, then off to lunch with Zack and a tour of his room. It was neat and I will miss not going there for Zack. He is growing up.
Well Ladies, I am running late this morning so have to cut this visit short. Off to make memories and hoping you are all doing the same.
As always my dear friends "Fill it to the Brim" go back for seconds if you want!!!!

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