Saturday, September 18, 2010

I know I know it's Saturday

But with a morning that includes 2 pups, 3 older dogs, a computer that is being temperamental, a coffee pot that is slower than I am, Sam the Man and 1 hubby you are all lucky I am in here at all!!! LOL OY VEY!!!!!!!!
I did this one of Miss KBB last night, saw her at Zack's football game before we went and picked up Sam.
I will get back here, not sure when, I did chocolate zucchini cakes the other day and sometime today it will be zucchini bread.
Okay, sounds like coffee is finally ready, so off to take a sip of instant wake up!
Go make some memories Ladies, don't wait for me ( might take me awhile to crawl out from under everything) Hugs and love to you all
As always " Fill it to the Brim" then don't just sit there watching it spill over...join in!!

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