Monday, September 13, 2010

A bit better

Carin sent me these from the first day of school for the crew and I took some time to work on this and to remodel the place LOL!
Still have a bit of an upset stomach, but hey that will pass.
I decided to go with a fall decor because the weather here is for sure no longer summer!! Woke up this morning it was 54 and a high today of 72... oh yes I am loving this time of year(now if I felt good enough to enjoy it) windows are all open, breeze blowing thru oh yes Happy Camper dance going on!!!!!
Pups are growing, will post some photos later. They have learned sit, stay. working on come(LOL) They are getting spoiled, yup, they hear Dennis give the others their nightly treats and Mo and Kota are wide awake waiting for theirs! It's funny, Kota, the female, has decided Dennis is the best thing in the world and will do anything for him, Mo, the male, has decided he and I are best bubs!
Well, time for another Tums and some down time on the couch so take care ladies, love and hugs to you all.

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