Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grandkids are gone, it's way to quiet here...

We had Zack and Miss KBB starting on Friday night and then Sam the Man joined in the fun on Saturday. They all went home today. Mommy and Daddy came and got Sam (Scott helped Dennis get the Chicky wicky house ready) and then we took the other two home later. That's when this picture was taken( by Miss KBB I would like ya all to know!!) I don't get to many shots of Zack he is at the age where picture taking is not a high priority, I tend to get a lot of shots with his hands up over his face!! LOL So this one is special. He is my bestest Bub, my first Grandchild and such a big part of my heart. He is getting so tall and changing so much. Love you Bub so many times to the moon I lost count!
About the page...well... all made by me(with the help of a little thing called Actions) Miss Scarlett if I understood what I am doing I would teach you, believe me when I say A wing and a Prayer come into play alot!! The two ladies to talk to are Miss G and Miss Doodle, they are my fairy Godmothers where this stuff is concerned!!
Hope you are all having a safe and fun memory filled weekend, hugs and love to each of you!! Now this Granny( as Keira called me today) is getting into bed and getting some sleep!!

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