Saturday, May 29, 2010


Did you all know that some birds sing before it even gets light outside?? I do now!! Oh the things you learn when Grandchildren come to visit.
I have been up long enough to make a pot of coffee, sit out on the deck enjoying said cup of coffee, and manage to be back in here to start this post at 5:48 AM Oh yes, Miss G there really is another 5:48 on the clock!! LOL
Reason I am up is Zack and Grandpa are going fishing this morning with Scott(my son) I am not sure if they are going to use a rod and reel with bait or at this hour just sneak up on those little fish as they are getting out of bed!!
I could try and lay back down but with Miss KBB being here also I have a feeling that wouldn't last long, she is an early riser!! I was informed last night by her that we are going to make an apple pie this morning. (She knows that's about the only kind I can make) and she knows I have one of those ready made pie crust things in the fridge. Picked it up at Woodman's...yup had plenty of time to do that seeing as how Hubby forgot I was there!!!!
Wife(who is not feeling the love)- "how could you forget me?"
Hubby(who isn't going to be feeling the love)- " I didn't forget you, I just started talking to this guy and time got away from me and I ..."
Wife(who is less than happy)- " Forgot..the word your looking for is forgot me!"
Hubby and I had really quiet ride home from GreenBay. Add that to the 49 tomato plants he bought and oh yea the 45 chicky wickies that are coming on Tuesday and the fact that our littlest Lab is going to have pups somewhere around the 21st of June and happy time here!! LOL But all will be fine and yes we do still love each other!!
It's Memorial weekend, a time to remember and be so proud of all who serve and have served to keep our country safe. So when you are having your picnics and gatherings take a minute to say Thank you, they will hear you.
Well ladies the guys are leaving so I best go send them off. Time to start a day of memories, hope yours are filled with happy smiles and laughter.
As always my friends " Fill it to the Brim" no matter what you put in there, it will make you smile ( maybe not right away if your standing in a Woodman's parking lot) but someday and you will be glad it happened!
Hugs and love to you all!! Stay safe this weekend!!

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