Saturday, March 13, 2010

I know, I's Saturday...

and no it's not quite this bad outside today. Dennis had me take these the other day, wow it was foggy. Temps were in the high 40's and with the snow still on the ground, well we got fog..we also got melting snow (woohoo) the one pic on here is of the ravine halfway down our driveway. This time of year and into spring it is filled with water. There is a pond on our land but this is about the only time there is water in it. And yup that's our house hiding in the fog! LOL
It's been a quiet week around here, which is a good thing I guess. Dennis has been sick with a cold and cough...yup even sick enough to take medicine for it which he Never does(there is a post somewhere about that) He must be feeling better tho because today he is working on his turkey calls again..he makes them out of turkey wing bones..that yup he boils on my stove and then glues together and grinds smooth...when they are done I am treated to such wonderful sounds NOT!!! but hey it keeps him out of trouble.
Oh, I ordered the next year of this blog, it came the other day, I am so happy with how it turned out. Now I can save my pennies and will order the next one in October.
Other than all that life has been sort of slow. My sisters are going to try and make it up here next weekend, i hope they do, we need a girls time out!!!
Well ladies, sorry this is short and rather boring, but I am off now to do stuff like laundry ( still in love with that W/D which by the way plays music when the clothes are done and I am going buggy trying to figure out what that tune is!!) Going to see if there are any memories hiding in the laundry basket, you never know where they might be so look carefully!
As always my friends "Fill it to the Brim" even if it looks like nothing is is and it is yours and it is awesome!!!!!
Hugs and love to you all!

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