Thursday, March 11, 2010

What else would you do on a Sunny afternoon on a frozen lake in Wisconsin?? the main kite had a tail of about 100 feet. It was awesome. We could see it from quite a ways away and of course having my handy dandy camera...we stopped so I could get some pictures!

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Pam said...

This looks like a wonderful way to spend the day! where in Wi do you live, my mom was born in Baldwin WI. I have family there yet, and some in different parts of WI. I am also a Moms In Touch Mom and have some Moms in WI that are also Moms In Touch Moms. (Moms In Touch is where two or more moms meet once a week to pray for their children and schools. I attend a group who pray for adult children, collage age since that is the age of our children.
our son has a huge kit and I have fun pictures of him flying it!
Brings back memories!