Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday Bits from Davids

We celebrated my brother David and his son Isaac's birthday last Saturday. And yes I am finally getting some pages done with the photos I took. Bad scrapper I know, but have been having a hard time lately, seem to have lost my Mojo LOL!!
Anyway...yup that is frosting on their is a family thing ( Miss Gerri has seen it first hand) it started on David's 13Th birthday, we were at "Pieces of Eight" a fairly nice restaurant located (of course by the name you can tell) in Milwaukee done by the harbor of Lake Michigan. We believe it was my Mom who started it, but it has continued on.... no we didn't get kicked out of the place!! Be prepared if I am ever around any of you and a birthday cake shows will be wearing some "Love" in the form of sticky sweet frosting!!!
credits- this is from a kit by cuddlebeez( cant remember the name)

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