Monday, February 8, 2010 excuse....

and no bad cookies either Miss Gerri!! Did you ever have one of those days (or weekends in my case) where it seems you cant get it together!! Had a great time at David and Kim's. Good food and time spent with some of my family. Saw all of David and Kim's Ireland pictures (yup they took a sort of belated honeymoon) the scenery over there is awesome. They are going to send me some photos so I will try and share them with you all when I get them.
We were down there to celebrate David and my nephew Isaac's birthdays...and yes Gerri I have photos of that great family tradition involving the cake frosting LOL
I am sitting here this morning knowing that I should be sorting clothes to take to the laundromat, and not really wanting to do that. Our new washer and dryer wont be here till the 16Th and wearing the same jeans and sweatshirt till then is really not an option!!
Little bits of updates....Carin is doing really good in school, she had her first test the other day and she thinks she Aced it. I think for as hard as going back to school and being a full time Mom is, it is a good thing for her and I am so proud!!
Another reason haven't gotten in here is because dear Hubby has found "Ebay" LOL!! He has been looking at goose calls ( why...we had no geese up here this past year) He has won the bidding on a couple of them and that is fine with me....have this plan...for every dollar he spends on them, I get to spend the same amount on a trip I am planning to go on in May!! Be prepared Ohio, I plan on having fun!!!
Well, I best get that laundry sorted and start my day, not sure what memories the laundromat holds for me but will enjoy them anyway... As always ladies "Fill it to the Brim" and count every bit of overflow as the greatest blessing ever!!
Hugs and love to you all!!!

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