Thursday, February 11, 2010

Miss KBB and the "Twins"

Meet the newest members of the family Miss KBB's babies....Abe and Malinda (yes that's how she says it) Santa bought her these at Christmas and she thought awhile about the names and came up with these, don't know where she got them from LOL But that be Miss Beira, never know what she will come up with next. Oh she is loving school, can't wait for Mondays again so she can go back and see her friends. The boys have been playing ice hockey and of course she has to try too!! Skating is her newest thing, she falls but keeps on trying!!
Thank you to Miss Gerri for this awesome QP!! My friend you did a wonderful job on this!!!!
Ok off to get ready to go to Green Bay, have some errands to run and then hubby is taking me out to lunch, kind of an early Valentines Day thing, we are going to Red Lobster. Before you all go aahh that's so sweet.....Carin and Dan and the kids gave us a gift certificate for our wedding anniversary and that's why we are going there!!! LOL Type at ya all later!!

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