Saturday, January 30, 2010

Have to Ramble before Sam the Man gets here

Had some extra time this morning after I did my new wordart and quick made this of Miss KBB. Yup it was just an ordinary day, but this bub brings Joy into all of them.
Been an interesting week, well to me anyway.. Started out with Dear Hubby putting a load of clothes in the washer( yup ladies he does laundry, his own..but that's a whole nuther story)anyway the washer started making a noise that made us both run. Apparently something had broke big time!!!. My washer and dryer are the kind that can be separate or stacked...of course they are stacked. So had to wait for Scott to come help. Finally got it apart and found a broken shock on the drum..ordered new part, put back together, stacked dryer on top.....yup making different noises now!!! So when Scott drops Sam off the dryer will come off again!! I might be visiting the Laundromat this week.
Finally finished cleaning all the cabinets in the kitchen, they all look so can anyone tell me what to do with all the "Extra" stuff I have on the kitchen counter!!?? Don't have a clue why I had it or where to go with it!! And please don't shake your heads in wonder but...I had one cabinet filled with recipe books...ok stop laughing!! yes some were books with cookie recipes.. guess at the time I got them I was hoping to find ONE recipe that I could make that would turn out right!!! Hasn't happened yet!! Maybe I should try and make that LAVA cake, I have a feeling I couldn't do worse than Rhett and Miss Scarlett LOL
Well ladies I have a few things to do b4 Sam gets here so I best start my day, memories are coming in the form of a little bug named Sam. You go make some too!!
As always ladies "Fill it to the Brim" every drop holds a bit of your life and you should treasure it!!!
Hugs to you all!

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