Friday, January 29, 2010

Waiting for a phone took some time to play

Had some free time this morning so thought I would play alittle bit. This be of course Miss KBB. She is into posing now!! When ever I try to get a candid shot of her she quickly strikes a pose of some sort. LOL She is loving school!!! It's all so new to her and she is always amazed when she gets to keep going back everyday. She will start 4K in the fall and I have a feeling she will adjust to that in a hurry. Miss KBB had the start of an ear infection, so Mommy took her to the doctor and the meds helped, she is feeling fine!! I gave her and the boys my old computer and she loves going on there and drawing with the paint program. Can we say budding artist, cus she loves the art class at school. Love you bug to the moon a zillion times!
credit- "Frivolity add-on" by JanetB designs

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