Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have been playing again....

I am not anywhere near as good as the designer of these awesome textures, but it's fun to play! Windows 7 came with some sample photos and I couldn't resist LOL The bottom is the original and the top is what I ended up with after adding two textures and erasing parts of it and well just playing!! If you get a chance, check out this site, Shadowhouse Creations I love going in there and seeing what new things he has come up with!!
Well we ended up ordering a new washer and dryer, not the new appliances I was hoping to get (secretly I wanted a new stove LOL) they wont deliver it till the 16Th so I will be making a few trips to the laundromat. Ok off to our insurance guys office...they need a copy of the sales receipt on Dennis new truck, just to prove we bought tell me would someone get insurance on a vehicle that they did not own??? Oh well red tape and paper work is what keeps them in business I guess!! Have a great one Ladies...hugs always

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Anonymous said...

nice one, i just brought tons of another emo backgrounds in my blog