Saturday, August 15, 2009

Busy morning on the McBrown farm....

We do not grow sweet corn in our fields, with all the deer around us, we would be feeding them and not us!! A good friend gives us all we could want. Oh how we love sweet corn!!! In order to have that awesome taste of it all year we freeze it. We cut it off the cobs, cook it for about 2/3 min, let it cool and then into freezer bags. WaaLaa sweet corn in December(if anyone wants the exact recipe let me know)
So this is the reason my ramblings are alittle late today, I didn't forget just got alittle busy. Been an interesting week, well to me anyway... watched the grandkids on Wednesday, how Carin does it everyday is way beyond me. Then shopping and just running one place or the other I managed to get sick in there. Better now, have to be, going to a 50th wedding anniversary tonight.
Update on Flippin Peckin Piranhas, they are growing. They weigh about 2 1/2 # right now. We know this because one met an unexpected demise the other day. It involved chickies everywhere and one big boot. Dennis felt so bad, but these little buggers are unreal. Yesterday he was feeding them and one jumped at the back of his leg...almost got stuck in the top of his boot. Oh I have to get my video camera out for times like that!!!!! The fields are growing, did beets again and going to do bread and butter pickles on Monday. Gee I sound so "farmerlike"
I am not it is a facade!! I am married to a farmer want to be!!
Speaking of said want to be, he is calling from the kitchen so I best go help. I will be making more than freezer corn today ladies, I will be making memories all go make a few, it is so much fun and you will thank yourself later.
As always "Fill it to the Brim" no matter what the overflow brings...enjoy it, savor it and call it a blessing......because it is!!!!!
Hugs to you all

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