Friday, August 14, 2009

Seems like forever.....

Life just got in the way for awhile!! Between shopping and watching grandkids and just in general things, it has been a couple days!!!
Ended up not going with Carin and all the kids on Wednesday, it would have been to much, so Dennis and I stayed at her house with them and let her go do her thing. Worked out good tho, the kids got to play in the pool for awhile. With 3 brothers Miss KBB is into all the water stuff just like them. She was chasing Zack with one of the noodles and finally managed to get him. They had a ball!!!
Between Wednesday and today and in between shopping and whatever, I got alittle sick, think it was the heat and then going in and out of air conditioned cars and stores. Better now!! Well except for the heat, way to muggy and hot here!! Going to wait till the sun goes down and take a walk to Miss Scarlett's for a cool sip. See ya all there later! Hugs and love Ladies to you all
credits- Used one of Miss Doodles awesome painted paper backgrounds for this one

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