Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wake me when the temps are above freezing...

My computer is going so slow tonight that backwards seems to be a speed it has chosen! It is so cold tonight. Most of the schools around here are closed for Thursday. With -40 wind chills that's way to cold for kids to be waiting for a bus or walking to school. Went into Green Bay today for groceries and the roads are terrible. We had freezing rain a while back and because we have had below freezing temps, nothing has thawed, so roads are terrible. Hubby dropped me off at one place and then to save time went and ran some other errands, he saw a three car accident on one corner, caused by slippery roads. Not nice around here. I am so tired of this weather. So please wake me when its sunny warm and maybe 32* LOL
Hugs to you all I am going to bed, there is a down comforter with my name on it calling me!

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