Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Saturday, it's Wisconsin and it's Cold....

well that about sums up my rambling for the day!!!
You all think I'm kidding??!! This has been the winter for the books. Usually we don't get the snow and frigid cold till later, not this year...just cold and snow every day!!! There are good sides to it tho(I had to look deep but I did find some) Dear Hubby is keeping busy...he watches those home improvement stations and then waa-laa...he does something around the house. Yesterday he painted the laundry room. Yup nice color and he really did do a great job! He had to move the washer and dryer out from the wall and today when I do laundry...well we will see if he got it back right or it does a wiggle/shake dance across the floor!! Hubby is outside now putting corn and apples out for the deer and turkeys..yup that pesky turkey from last year that Jude and Gerri were after is still around, the other day it bought 12 of its friends to visit in our front yard!!
Quite a scene when we let the dog out(we didn't know the turkeys were out there) Turkeys flying every which way!!!
I gave my Dear hubby a good sized laugh the other morning(actually I think he planned it) I made coffee...
Loving wife-"Morning dear, I'll make coffee"
Dear(but sneaky) hubby- "Thanks, I emptied the filter for you"
Loving wife getting new filter, putting in coffee.....starting to pour water in back of coffee maker..while hubby sits quietly..
Holy Grud....water everywhere....Dear Hubby had "Forgot" to mention not only had he emptied the old filter...but...he had filled the back of the pot with the water!!!
Not so Loving wife(as I wipe up water from the counter and the floor- " what did you do?"
Dear Hubby(laughing uncontrollably) " I was being helpful, I put the water in for you, thought you knew"
Ok Sherlock, unless you tell me I don't know!
Dear Hubby- "Gee, Honey, looks like I gave you something to write about on Saturday"
Hubby has too much time on his hands...I have a feeling it's going to be a long winter!
Well ladies, I am off to start the day, laundry to do(might be watching the washer dance across the floor) going to try and make some memories ( funny thing, we make them without even knowing it) You just watch you will make some too and not know it till later and it will make you smile!
As always..."Fill it to the brim" (and I don't mean the coffee maker) find a comfy spot and enjoy all of it!!
Hugs to you all!

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