Saturday, January 17, 2009

Deep freeze is ending..but..Snow is starting....

We here in northern Wisconsin are all planning a mass Exodus to some other state...we are holding town meetings..we are checking out group airfare...we have purchased luggage...we are oh getting so tired of those two four letter words..SNOW/COLD..oh and can't forget that three letter word..ICE!!! School was closed Thursday and Friday, way to cold for the little ones to stand outside waiting for buses, -37/-40 windchill with regular temps somewhere around -20. This is truly a winter for the books. We are all complaining about the cold...but come the middle of August......we will be complaining about the heat....yup, I am the first to tell you we are a strange group LOL
Took me awhile to get in here today for my ramblings, seems my wings were stuck to that bench someone put me on and I think the medicinal liquid someone else had Miss Scarlett bring me was a little too potent, between the two, wow!!
You all know me and baking right?!! Well, I made what started out as "the worlds easiest and best drop sugar cookies" (that's what the on-line recipe called them anyway, they were supposed to be these nice round SOFT cookies ) They came out of the oven looking so good! I even frosted some...2 hours later I had a container of mini hockey pucks! When hubby and I try eating one we look like squirrels gnawing at an acorn!! I bought ready made cookie dough in town the other day, going to try it later, if they turn into chocolate chip hockey pucks, I will actually be happy..then I know it's not me but my oven LOL I will let you know!!
I guess I should go start my day, go make some all do the's really easy to can do it with your eyes closed!!!
As always "Fill it to the Brim" sit back and enjoy every single drop!
Hugs ladies always!!
Oh almost forgot..a funny for Miss Doodle... one of our local TV anchor ladies said this morning that when she was little and people talked about an "Alberta Clipper" she always thought they were talking about a "Barber" from Canada!! Like I said we are a strange group here in the north!! LOL

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