Saturday, January 3, 2009

I have to learn to write things down as I do them...

or I forget what I did to get what I got!! (follow that?) I played with backgrounds, shapes, etc. Then I played with different affects on Miss KBB. I finally got everything to look like I wanted it and saved this part then poof forgot to save the background and cant remember the affects I used! Ok so maybe Hubby was right I should add getting organised to my list.
I am sitting here listening to rain disguised as ice hit the windows and roof. Oy Vay what a winter!! My Grandpa Sam would call it "Budala" not sure of the spelling but it means CRAZY in Bohemian!!! I have candles ready in case our power goes out (which it could), we have a fire in the fireplace and if need be we will be sleeping in the family room on a very uncomfortable futon!
Stay warm and dry everyone....hugs and lots of love from the "getting more frozen by the minute" north!!!
credits- background(which I can no longer find) by me, wordart found on Digifree

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