Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sorry I'm late with this, but had to run to town for some stuff...

cus guess why??!!! Yup you win the grand prize!!! More bad weather coming! We are to get sleet and then up to 6 inches of snow!! Ok... I am about snowed out for the year! It has been an every other day thing this year. If it's not snowing it is so flippin cold that you can't go anywhere anyway! Oh I know there are people who have never seen snow who are dreaming of just spending time here in the north...ok...if you live in a state south of Wisconsin..and you want to do time share...give me a call!!!!!! Will even leave the boots, mittens and wood for the fireplace. You just have to leave me the sunscreen, beach towel, and view of some nice warm sandy beach!!!
The weather has my Dear Hubby grumpy too! He is bored now, spending time watching TV..sports you! He has been for some reason watching HGTV or DIY television. (remember that's why we now have "accent"walls) His latest idea is to put tile up behind the kitchen sink. It is a small area, like 27 inches wide by 5 inches high. Quick job you think..wrong... it took 3 days to paint the kitchen(long story) so the tiling could take a month! It is a good idea, now if it would just stay nice long enough for us to get to Home Depot.....
Had Keira and Zack for 4 days, I am still recovering, no longer singing the Wonder Pets song. It was fun! Learned a few things from Miss KBB..tomato soup is "A Bad Egg" (she watched Charlie and the chocolate factory I guess) grilled cheese sandwiches are "cool" that's her latest word.
So any New Years resolutions out there? I made a couple..
1. to spend more time with my dear hubby
2. to watch what I eat( have to lose a few pounds)
3. to spend time learning PSE7
4. to be more organised(ok that was hubbies idea)
I have a feeling #1 and #3 might be a bit of a conflict..oh my what's a scrapper to do?!
Well, I best get some stuff done, spend time with hubby and then get back in here to do some important stuff. I will be making memories, and holding them close, you all do the same!
As always Ladies .....It's the start of a brand new year, make each day the best it can be, always
"Fill It To The Brim" if you will make your heart smile!!!!

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